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RPC Awarded Vendors

03-002-16 Cafeteria Food Bid
05-005-16 Catalog Discount Bid 
Cold & Frozen GoodsCatalog Vendors Excel Spreadsheet
Dry GoodsCatalog Vendors Printable PDF Version
Paper Goods 
06-005-16 Technology Services and Equipment Bid
Cleaning SuppliesTechnology Vendors Excel Spreadsheet
Updated Pricing From Labatt Effective 1-1-2017
Technology Vendors Printable PDF Version
04-005-16 Bakery Bid
Bakery Goods
10-029-15 Audio Visual Equipment Repairs                                                             
Audio Visual Repair Awarded Vendors
04-010-16 Milk Bid   
Milk & Juice Includes Updated April Pricing 
04-014-16 Recycling/Reclamation End of Use Electronics
04-015-16 Ice Cream Bid                   
Recycling Vendors          
Ice Cream Includes Updated April Pricing 

12-008-16 Building Grounds and Maintenance Services Bid 
 Building Grounds & Maintenance Services Approved Vendors Excel Spreadsheet 
 Building Grounds & Maintenance Services Approved Vendors Printable PDF Version 


Last Modified on April 4, 2017
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