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The preferred and most trusted provider for educational products and services that guarantee viable solutions.

ESC Strategic Plan

ESC3 Strategic Plan 2015 - 2016


Vision: The preferred and most trusted provider for educational products and services that guarantees viable solutions


Quality Policy: Committed to improving the performance of all learners through a continuous improvement process supported by ISO 9001:2008 standards that ensures effectiveness and efficiency in meeting customer requirements.

Quality Objective/Goal 1:

Improve the performance of all learners and close the performance achievement gaps by meeting the state standard in the TX accountability system by August 2016.

Performance Index 3: Closing Performance Gaps

State Results

ESC3 Results


2013 Rating



9 points

2014 Rating



4 points

2015 Rating



6 points

2016 Rating



0 Points


Quality Objective/Goal 2:

Enable districts and other learning entities to operate more economically and effectively as evidenced by a rating of 4.80 or higher on the Client Satisfaction Survey.  

Client Satisfaction Survey



2012 Rating



2013 Rating



2014 Rating



2015 Rating








Quality Objective/Goal 3:

ESC3 fiscal and operations management will be effective and efficient by Programs and Services Ratio greater than 89% as of August 31, 2016.

The Vision, Quality Policy, & Quality Objectives provide the foundation for the Priority Areas of Focus.  These Priority Areas will guide the action plans of the organization

Learner Performance

School Improvement

Financial Solutions

Leading Technologies

Human Resources Management

Communications Systems

Leadership Capacity


Priority Area: Learner Performance & School Improvement

     Goal 1: Maximize the performance of all learners through innovative and creative solutions.

Objective 1.1: Maintain service design teams and promote use of resources

Objective 1.2: Provide tools and resources to effectively implement services and local, state, and federal initiatives.

Priority Area: Financial Solutions

     Goal 2: Guarantee financial viability and sufficient internal controls.

Objective 2.1: Increase revenue.

Objective 2.2: Ensure quality cost effective services for all customers.

Objective 2.3: Evaluate processes for efficiency of operations.


Priority Area: Leading Technologies


    Goal 3: Model emerging technologies for implementation of creative solutions.


            Objective 3.1: Enhance ESC-3 infrastructure and ensure business continuity

to support programs and services.

Objective 3.2: Utilize instructional technology to positively impact

student achievement.


Priority Area: Human Resources Management

    Goal 4: Employ, develop, and retain quality staff.


            Objective 4.1: Create a financial structure to support recruitment and

retention of staff.

Objective 4.2: Enhance employment practices to ensure staff success.

Priority Area: Communication Systems


    Goal 5: Implement a dynamic communication system.

            Objective 5.1: Establish and implement a communications’ plan

Objective 5.2: Promote an organization-wide culture centered on team work, collaboration, and innovation.

Objective 5.3: Build and maintain relationships within the ESC 3 communities.

Priority Area: Leadership Capacity


    Goal 6: Promote and support leadership of individuals at all levels.


            Objective 6.1: Build relationships with school leaders that will promote academic                                      success.

            Objective 6.2: Create opportunities that are focused on building leaders.

  • The strategic plan represents initiatives for 2015-2016 that will advance the vision of ESC Region 3.

  • This plan is not intended to reflect the entire scope of day-to-day work of the organization. 

The annual Action Plans for each Priority Area are developed from this Strategic Plan.

Last Modified on June 21, 2016
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