Email Hosting

  • Region III ESC Email services provide a district with cost-efficiency and scalability. The school district does not have to purchase and maintain hardware and software. This service includes email, anti-spam and anti-virus for email. Each user is provided with a web email client allowing them to access their email from any computer with Internet access. The district technology administrator has full control to add or remove email accounts and change passwords through a web-based management interface.

    Region III offers a service to block unsolicited inbound email and check traffic for viruses and other malicious content. This service assists in reducing email attacks form clogging the data communications connection to the district. The district technology administrator can login and view their mail scanner in real time.

    Cost: 10 cents monthly or $1.00 annually per email account. (Minimum of $25 monthly or $300 annually per district.)
    Rosa Muzquiz Network Administrator
Last Modified on October 13, 2015