• Deaf and Hard of Hearing

    ESC 3 provides professional development and technical assistance to programs serving students who are deaf or hard of hearing. Through collaboration with the ESC statewide leadership project, ESC 3 helps local programs meet the unique needs of students who are deaf or hard of hearing across the continuum of placement options.

    The Regional Program for the Deaf - Victoria serves hearing impaired children between the ages of birth through 21 years of age, who meet the criteria for services. The Regional Program for the Deaf works in cooperation with 38 school districts in the Region III area as determined by our Shared Services Agreement.

    Classrooms are established in four school districts (Bay City, Victoria, Yoakum, and Wharton) with certified teachers of the deaf, interpreters, and/or aides located in each school district.

    Tonya Taylor
    Coordinator, Special Education Regional School for the Deaf - Victoria
    Phone:  361.788.9400 (office)
    Phone:  361.550.6248 (cell)
    Fax:  361.788.9907

    Statewide Resources

    Statewide Leadership

    ESC, Region 11 provides statewide leadership to programs serving students who are deaf or hard of hearing. Information regarding statewide professional development opportunities, early intervention, communication, and access to the general curriculum can be found by visiting the ESC-11 website

    Administrator Portal: Texas Deaf & Hard of Hearing 
    CROSSROADS: Your Trusted Resource for Deaf Education in Texas

    Deafness 101 Modules

    All Modules are located on the ESC-11 website
    More helpful information may be found here.

    Assistive Technology Resources

    The Inclusion in Texas and TEA – ATIA Online Course Program Portal