Texas School Ready at ESC3

  • Texas School Ready is a comprehensive preschool teacher training program that combines a research-based, state-adopted curriculum with ongoing professional development and progress monitoring tools.  Teachers from child care centers, Head Start programs, and public school pre-kindergarten participate in TSR. Throughout the school year, teachers enrolled in TSR are provided tools to help them learn more about the specific instructional needs of the children in their classrooms and how to support children using engaging lessons and activities. The new skills and techniques that teachers learn through TSR positively affect the classroom experience for children.  For more information, please contact Lisa Knipling at lknipling@esc.net. 

Circle Progress Monitoring

  • The CIRCLE Progress Monitoring System (formerly known as C-PALLS+), is a user-friendly, technology-driven tool that enables a teacher to quickly assess a child’s progress in a particular skill area. This simple yet reliable data collection prompts teachers to focus on lessons that target their students’ least developed skills.

    The CIRCLE Progress Monitoring System:

    • is on the 2017-2021 Commissioner’s List of Approved Prekindergarten Progress Monitoring Instruments
    • is available at no cost to programs eligible for the TSR Online program
    • provides significant flexibility in administration, including choice of measures and timing of assessments
    • provides links to CIRCLE activities that target specific skills based on assessment results
    • includes a wide range of reporting features instantly accessible
    • demonstrated high reliability and validity in multiple research studies

    For more information or face to face Circle Progress Monitoring Training, please contact Lisa Knipling at lknipling@esc3.net.

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