School Culture and Routines

  • Culture is not formed by motivational speeches or statements of values. It is formed by the repeated practice of good habits. Leaders of schools with strong student culture don’t achieve it through sheer force of personality. They develop a vision for each part of the school day, and then bring their vision for excellence to life by building systems that enable teachers, students, and anyone else on their campus to know what they should be doing and when at all parts of the day with a high level of detail. They lead with their consistency and by calmly modeling for staff how to maintain emotional constancy and reset expectations when procedures break down. 

    TIL Student Culture is based on the work of Paul Bambrick-Santoyo in Leverage Leadership 2.0 and trains leaders to develop their cultural vision and the systems to bring that vision to reality, monitor it throughout the year, and how to intervene when necessary to ensure it stays strong.

    • 5 face-to-face Professional Learning Opportunities
    • 4 half-day Onsite Coaching and Implementation Support Visits
    • Unlimited telephone and email technical assistance

    Leverage Leadership 2.0 by Paul Bambrick-Santoyo must be purchased by the campus for each participant.

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