PreK/Kindergarten Literacy Cohort

  • Early childhood teachers will participate in professional development opportunities to build their knowledge of the Pre-K Guidelines and Kindergarten TEKS to effectively create lessons plans and activities to support the learning of your youngest students.  Professional development will focus on lesson design, classroom environment, classroom management, student engagement, and progress monitoring.

    • 5 Face-to-Face Professional Learning Opportunities
    • 4 Zoom Meetings
    • 4 Virtual Coaching Opportunities
    • 2 Campus Instructional Coaching Visits
    • 6 Webinars
    • Unlimited telephone and email technical assistance
    • Campus administration may attend at no cost
  • For information, contact: 

    Pam Dolezal
    Pam Dolezal
    Education Specialist
    361-573-0731 Ext. 298

    Tonia Rozner
    Tonia Rozner
    Education Specialist
    361-573-0731 Ext. 269

  • September

    • Webinar/On-line Course: CLI Setting the Stage for Children’s Talk
    • Review of New ELA TEKS & Pre-K Guidelines
    • PD Initial Visit: Self-Assessment - Progress monitoring, Lesson Design & Grouping
    • PLC (Zoom)


    • Webinar/On-Line Course: CLI Letter Knowledge
    • PD Oral Language Development, Phonological Development and Letter Knowledge, Oh My!
    • On-Site Visits Coaching, Mentoring and/or Planning
    • Virtual Coaching through Video Lesson on Phonological Awareness and Letter knowledge


    • Webinar/On-Line course: Read Alouds
    • The Magic of the Read Aloud and Write Aloud
    • Virtual Coaching through Video Lesson-Read Aloud


    • PLC (Zoom)


    • Webinar/ On-line Course
    • CLI Written Expression
    • Fine Motor Development-Developing Great Writers
    • Virtual Coaching through Video Lesson: Written Expression
    • PLC (Zoom)


    • Webinar/On-Line Course: CLI Social Emotional Learning
    • Social Emotional Learning
    • Virtual Coaching through Video Lesson


    • Webinar/On-Line Course: CLI Building Children’s Vocabulary
    • Building Children’s Vocabulary: If You Build It, It Will Come!
    • Final Reflection On-Site Visit


    • Submit & Analyze EOY Data
    • Final Zoom PLC Meeting