MIddle School Literacy Cohort

  • The Middle School Literacy cohort is designed to ensure teachers provide objective driven lessons, classroom routines, and formative assessments that meet the needs of students.  Teachers will learn how to effectively manage data necessary for teachers to reflect, adjust and deliver instruction.

    • 5 Face-to-face Learning Opportunities 
    • 3 virtual coaching and 2 on-site mentoring, planning or coaching visits
    • 4 Zoom PLC Cohort Meetings
    • 6 Webinars
    • Unlimited telephone and email technical assistance
    • Campus administration may attend at no cost
  • August

    • Welcome Email & COHORT SURVEY
    • Submit & Analyze BOY Data


    • Webinars - Habits of the Classroom, Review of New ELA TEKS
    • PD: Explicit Instruction & Lesson Planning
    • Lesson Plan Submission for Feedback *
    • PLC (Zoom)


    • Webinar: Vocabulary & Word Study
    • PD: Habits of Discussion & Writing
    • On-Site Visits Coaching, Mentoring and/or Planning
    • Virtual Coaching through Video Lesson (Word Study/Vocabulary)


    • Webinar - Independent Reading, Accountability
    • PD: Let Students Take the Wheel - Student directed learning and the power of choice
    • Virtual Coaching through Video Lesson (Student Directed Learning)


    • PLC (Zoom)


    • Webinar: Comprehension Strategies
    • PD: Small Group Purposeful Stations
    • On-Site Visits Coaching, Mentoring and/or Planning
    • PLC (Zoom)
    • Submit & Analyze MOY Data


    • Webinar: Accommodations
    • Virtual Coaching through Video Lesson (Small Group/Stations)
    • PLC (Zoom)


    • Webinar: STAAR review strategies
    • Lesson Plan Submission for Feedback*


    • Webinar: STAAR Stress Busters
    • PD: The Last Goodbye


    • Submit &Analyze EOY Data

    * optional

Space is limited! Register before August 15!
  • For information, contact: 

    Victoria Gonzales
    Victoria Gonzales
    Education Specialist ELAR Secondary
    361-573-0731 Ext.298 

     Lisa Weinheimer
    Lisa Weinheimer
    Education Specialist/Elementary Generalist
    361-573-0731 Ext. 297