New Teacher Academy

  • On-site Mentoring for New Teachers and their In-District Mentors

    A Guide to a Successful First Year!

    Throw out a lifeline to your first-year teachers and your new-to-content teachers! Ensure their chances at success and growth by providing a risk-free environment of on-going support. Teachers will work from the very beginning of the school year with a team of R3 specialists who will develop and provide a combination of professional development, follow-up mentoring and on-campus support.

    • 6 Face-to-face Professional Learning Opportunities
    • 6 Follow-up Opportunities after Professional Development
    • 4 Campus Instructional Coaching visits
    • Unlimited telephone and email technical assistance

Membership in the New Teacher Academy includes the following:

  • 6 On-Site Professional Development Sessions:

    Starting with pre-teaching/summer, R3 will offer trainings once each six weeks developed specifically for the first-year teacher

    Session 1 Pre-teaching - early September

    • The Effective Teacher
    • Classroom Management: Learning Environment
    • Practices, Routines, Procedures and Relationships

    Session 2 Pre-teaching – early September

    • Classroom Management: Behavior
    • Effective Discipline
    • Objective-Driven Lesson Plans

    Session 3 September - October

    • A Deeper Dig into Objective-Driven Lesson Plans

    Session 4 October – End of first semester

    • Data-Driven Instruction
    • Response to Intervention (RtI)

    Session 5 Early in second semester

    • Instructional Strategies
    • Student Engagement
    • STAAR Testing

    Session 6 End of second semester

    • Reflection and Evaluation
    • Graduation Celebration
    • Summer PD
    • Upcoming School Year
Space is limited! Register before August 15!

Members of the New Teacher Academy also receive:

  • 6 Follow-Up Opportunities:

    • Webinars with reflections
    • R3 specialists will follow-up with teachers after each professional development session

    4 On-Site Coaching Visits:

    • R3 specialists will visit teachers’ classrooms for coaching and mentoring
    • 3 first semester, 1 second semester

    Collaborative meeting:

    • Semester check-in with administration (one each semester)

    Campus-Based Mentors Included:

    • In-district mentors may attend all on-site professional development sessions at no additional cost
  • For information, contact:

    Kristi Greaves
    Kristi Greaves
    Education Specialist
    361-573-0731 Ext.293