Teacher Leadership Academy

  • ESC 3’s Teacher Leader Academy is a comprehensive professional development program based upon the National Standards of Teacher Leaders Model to develop teacher leaders who work in conjunction with administrative leadership to support effective teaching and promote student learning.

    District Leadership overview meeting
    6 Professional Learning Opportunities
    Book Study - Awakening the Sleeping Giant.
    Continuous opportunities for collaboration and reflection
    Risk Taking Opportunity
    Unlimited technical support via email or phone
    Campus Administration may attend at no cost

Six TLA Modules Include:

  • MODULE 1: The Why and What of Teacher Leadership
    This module will focus on the rationale for promoting teacher leadership which rests on a foundation of four perspectives: organizational capacity, modeling democratic communities, empowering teachers and enhancing teacher professionalism. During this session, we will also share Risk-Taking Opportunities (RTO), a year-long assignment with approval from administration.

    MODULE 2: Developing Teacher Leaders and Understanding Self and Others
    In this module, participants learn about what teacher leaders need to know about effective professional development for themselves. To prepare teachers for leadership roles, this module will provide an overview of leadership development and how it can enhance campus climate as well as student performance from the perspective of a teacher leader beyond competency in teaching skills.

    MODULE 3: The Dimensions of Culture and Context; Communication and Coaching
    In Katzenmeyer and Moller’s teacher leadership model, the “Where am I?” places the emphasis on the context in which teachers attempt to exercise their leadership. In this module, we delve into the importance of school culture and the impact of context on the work of teacher leaders in improving schools and outcomes for their students.

    MODULE 4: Influencing Others Through Teacher Leadership Through a Growth Mindset
    Teacher leaders are able to influence situations in their schools through modeling of their own effective practice, their collaboration with others, and their involvement in decision making and problem solving. This module will help teacher leaders explore with learning influencing strategies (listening, group skills, and negotiating skills) and consider the question, “How do I lead?” Teacher leaders will get a glimpse into the growth mindset as it relates to teacher leadership.

    MODULE 5: Emerging Teacher Leadership and its Challenges and The Future of Teacher Leadership
    We will discuss how the teacher leader role may be informal or formal and may last only a short time or be a long-term commitment. Teacher leaders in this module will focus on how teacher leaders can learn competency and advocacy skills in order to take initiatives that may result in a powerful future for teacher leadership and increased student outcomes.

    MODULE 6: Risk-Taking Opportunity Share Fair and The Dimensions of Culture, Context and Their Impact on Teacher Leadership
    Participants will share their Risk-Taking Opportunity with the cohort. In addition, teacher leaders will revisit the definition of teacher leader as a closing activity and look to the future of teacher leadership at their district, campus and globally.