Technology Audit

  • It is a constant challenge for districts to stay digitally fluent. A technology audit allows a district to create and implement a technology plan built on a foundation of objectives that target student achievement as well as return on investment. The Technology Audit will demonstrate accountability, promote growth, and will reveal areas of strength and weakness at a district level.

    During the audit process, network specialists will spend 2 on-site days reviewing network/ equipment/infrastructure with the technology director and instructional technology staff will spend 2 on-site days interviewing administrators and teachers at each campus. Interviews with other appropriate staff may occur as requested by campus administrator.

    Following the on-site visits, the campus/district administrators will receive an audit report detailing strengths, weaknesses and recommendations regarding the campus’ technology.


  • 4 days @$800 per day/per person

    • 2 days on-site for infrastructure (2 people) $3,200
    • 2 days on-site for instructional (2 people) $3,200

    2 days off-site (analysis of data, report preparation) $1600

    TOTAL – $8000

    Optional presentation to superintendent and/or district administration or Board – no fee


  • Mary Beth Matula
    Mary Beth Matula
    Deputy Executive Director for Technology & Information Systems
    361-573-0731 Ext. 257

    Jeff Williams
    Jeff Harris
    Network Services Specialist
    361-573-0731 Ext. 261







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