• A Certified Technician can help to maintain and support technology on the local area network, including file servers, workstations, connection devices and desktop/network operating systems. This service also helps districts maintain network connectivity, support email systems and web servers, and help with the overall direction and technology planning and design as needed.

    The Rent-A-Tech program includes:

    • A Certified Technician for a whole day on a regular reoccurring basis via onsite and/or remote. This requires an annual contract
    • A Certified Technician for specific blocks of time via onsite and/or remote; requires a contract
    • A Certified Technician on an “as needed” basis


  • A la carte hours - $175. Per Hour

    Block of 20 hours - $155. Per Hour

    Block of 40 hours - $125. Per Hour

    Block of 80 hours - $105. Per Hour


  • Mary Beth Matula
    Mary Beth Matula
    Deputy Executive Director for Technology & Information Systems
    361-573-0731 Ext. 257

    Fidel Medrano
    Fidel Medrano
    Network Services Specialist
    361-573-0731 Ext. 208


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