TSDS/PEIMS & Core Collection Services

  • IMPORTANT: It is essential for ALL Region 3 districts to join this service in order to receive the required training and support for the TSDS/PEIMS and Core Collections.

    The Texas Student Data System (TSDS), a major initiative by the Texas Education Agency, is a statewide system that improves the quality of data collection, management, and reporting in Texas education. TSDS modernizes the PEIMS data collection process and puts real-time student performance data in the hands of educators to improve student achievement. The TSDS Core Collection submissions is an effort to consolidate the collection of 200 separate data collection systems at the agency under TSDS. The desired result is to standardize the submission process and reduce redundancy between data collections. Currently, TEA is requiring an additional 8 Core Collection submission as well as the 4 PEIMS Collection submissions.

    Member Services Include:

    • Trainings for district staff in the areas of TSDS TEAL, Unique ID, Core Collections, and PEIMS. Unlimited number of staff may attend trainings.
    • TEAL/Security as relative to TSDS PEIMS and Core Collections. Also, includes assistance for the superintendent with TEAL setup, screens and approval process.
    • Unique-ID assistance
    • TIMS Help Desk Software
    • Student Attendance Accounting Handbook
    • Provide training in all aspects of PEIMS and Core Collection data and submission.
    • Present multiple training sessions concerning PEIMS finance, staff, and student reporting with an emphasis on new areas of concern.
    • Supply telephone consultation and assistance to district and campus staff to include principals, assistant principals, counselors, discipline clerks as needed for PEIMS Discipline Coding, Attendance guidelines and other applicable PEIMS related questions.
    • Inform the district of crucial areas of scrutiny by TEA (e.g., Underreported Leavers, TREx, Audits, PBM Data Validation, etc.).
    • Inform the district of changes and updates in PEIMS as they occur including detailed explanation of the change reasons and resulting impact upon the data. Provide consultation and detailed technical assistance as needed to complete the PEIMS and Core Collection submissions and resubmission with a high degree of accuracy, verification and understanding of the rules and process.

    Provide consultation and technical assistance as needed to…

    • Answer questions concerning the Texas Education Data Standards.
    • Provide guidance through the TSDS process.
    • Organize the data submission schedule and procedure.
    • Support of TSDS security setup and roles.
    • Interpret Fatal Errors, Warnings, and Special Warnings.
    • Provide solutions in the Unique ID process. Clarify various TSDS reports and emphasize their significance.
    • Monitor district files throughout the submission and resubmission process.
    • After reviewing selected TSDS reports (if problems are found, the district will be notified and allowed to make corrections, if necessary).
    • Assist the superintendent with any issues involving the final approval process.
    • Support the district with the resubmission process if needed
    • Support the district if working with a TEA auditor in a correction process
    • Support the district if there are questions on TSDS PEIMS data as it is used in state reporting, pre-coding, accountability, subgroups, calculations, TAPR, TPEIR, Data Validation and various report processes.
    • Assist district staff with all Core Collection submission requirements as they are implemented by TEA by obtaining data from district in required XML format, promoting data, validating data, and communicating available reports to district for verification. In addition, if a district is using the TxEIS/ASCENDER software, Region 3 will also pull the required data from State Reporting to further assist the Core Collection process.

    Non-Member Limited TSDS/PEIMS Services
    (Provided at no cost to the non-member but includes very minimal support)

    • Basic question/answer phone support with emphasis on reference identification in the PEIMS Data Standards only.
    • Excludes assistance with the Attendance Accounting Handbook.
    • Phone Support is limited to District PEIMS Coordinator and Superintendent.
    • Excludes detailed data troubleshooting, analysis and priority support.
    • Forward TEA communication updates specifically related to a PEIMS submission.
    • Press the ACCEPT button upon receipt of the Superintendent Approval Form.
    • Excludes the ESC 3 data checking and verification process before ACCEPT 


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