Regional Purchasing Services

  • Member districts are provided the opportunity to purchase products and services directly from awarded vendors through localized purchasing services. Benefits realized include: cost savings on quality products or services; savings on administrative costs; compliance with Federal and State purchasing statutes.

    Participation in the Region 3 Education Service Center’s Regional Purchasing program offers advantages over individual buying. Cooperative purchasing provides access to more products and services thus increasing financial performance. Districts use of cooperatives ensure compliance with Federal and State purchasing statues allowing for transparency in operations.

    Services Provided to Participating Districts/Campuses:

    • Lower costs for quality goods and services
    • Reduced administrative burden and costs
    • Option to purchase directly from regional vendors
    • Receive purchasing services that address local needs
    • All required due diligence documentation is provided to the district by the Region Purchasing cooperative as a requirement of procurement reviews
    • Technical assistance is provided to district personnel by the Region 3 Purchasing Department


  • Amy Tupa
    Amy Tupa
    Purchasing Agent/Secretary 
    Business Operations And School Support 
    361-573-0731 Ext. 254

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