Texas School Procedures

  • It is hard to stay on top of state and federal laws, as well as school board policies, but it is expected of you. Texas School Procedures, LLC (TxSP) will ensure you are working with information that is up to date. Created specifically to save you valuable time and effort, TxSP offers an extensive online repository of document templates and resources that are current, accurate, and vetted to align with required legislation, policies, and protocols; a critical benefit to your campus and district processes.

    Why take a risk, if TxSP takes the guesswork out of
    how to comply with law and implement policies?

    TxSP can support you by:

    • Having everything conveniently in one place, online, and easily accessible.
    • Providing electronic documents, letters, and notifications that are easy to locate and use.
    • Offering home letters and documents in both English and Spanish.
    • Keeping current on all protocols and documents when changes occur at state and federal levels.
    • Adding new protocols and documents regularly.
    • Providing access to unlimited users per district.
    • The Texas School Procedures Documents and Training service includes access to Administrative, counseling, and student support documents, electronic letters, required documentation, notifications, and thorough investigation formats to implement policies.
    • Training on the use of the documents, the implementation process and the electronic access system is included.

    Developing material for practitioners, by practitioners in 7 categories:

    7 categories


  • Annual License Fee of $2.00/student


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