Gifted and Talented Services

  • Services are designed to inform districts of new mandates for gifted and talented services in the State of Texas as prescribed in the Texas State Plan for Education of the Gifted/Talented Students. On-site, telephone, e-mail, technical assistance follow-up, direct services and professional staff development will be conducted to assist districts in meeting mandates, as well as developing and providing quality programs.

    Services Provided to Participating Districts/Campuses:

    • Basic 30 hours of initial G/T staff development offered 4 times a year at the ESC: fall, spring and twice in the summer. (No limit to the number of teachers attending.)
    • On-line basic 30 hours of initial G/T staff development at a reduced fee offered 3 times a year: fall, spring and summer
    • Six hour updates at R3 included
    • One on-site 6-hour update, up to 40 participants
    • District G/T plan review and appraisal
    • Comprehensive G/T Program Evaluation
    • Student TPSP Student Seminar/Showcase
    • GT Social & Emotional lessons and activities - One each 9 weeks
    • Participation in any grant opportunities
    • Unlimited telephone and email technical assistance


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