Title I, Part C, Carl D. Perkins Shared Services Arrangement (SSA)

  • The Region 3 Title I, Part C, Carl D. Perkins Shared Services Arrangement will provide services to member districts through professional development and technical assistance in developing and implementing quality CTE programs and meeting requirements of the Title I, Part C, Carl D. Perkins Formula Grant.

    Region 3 will:

    • Serve as a fiscal agent for member districts including the completion, submission, negotiation and reporting requirements of the Title I, Part C, Carl D. Perkins federal application. Funds will be used to meet the grant’s nine requirements and will be mutually beneficial to all members of the SSA
    • Conduct an annual planning meeting to discuss program input and related CTE topics
    • Assist districts by providing information regarding industry-based certification opportunities for students
    • Assist districts in determining instructional needs and resources. (All purchases from grant funds will be made by Region 3)
    • Provide updated CTE information to SSA members
    • Provide a web-based career guidance package which will include annual updates along with technical assistance in the maintenance of the program
    • Provide professional development opportunities for teachers and counselors in areas of Career and Technical Education
    • Unlimited telephone and email technical assistance

    SSA Members will:

    • Assign Title I, Part C, Carl D. Perkins CTE Formula Grant entitlement to Region 3 by submitting the GS2210 Applicant Designation & Certification (ADC) form in eGrants
    • Designate a Carl D. Perkins contact person for the school district
    • Send at least one representative to the two planning meetings
    • Submit information needed for the completion of the Grant application, including bi-annual Perkins Comprehensive Local Needs Assessment, requests for equipment and instructional materials, and requests for professional development in a timely manner as decided by the SSA
    • Comply with the nine required uses of funds set forth by the provisions of the grant
    • Ensure that CTE programs are of sufficient size, scope, and quality in order to be effective, integrate academics and CTE, provide CTE programs of study for students, and provide equitable participation for students who are members of special populations


  • Title I, Part C, Carl D. Perkins Entitlement for current school year. (Membership required for LEAs receiving under $15,000 in annual entitlement.)


  • Anne McCain
    Anne McCain
    CTE/Social Studies/Counseling Specialist
    361-573-0731 Ext. 219


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