Lone Star Governance

  • Lone Star Governance (LSG) is an optional. first-of-its-kind training. initiative.

    Founded on research, LSG is a continuous-improvement model for governing teams-boards in collaboration with their superintendent -who choose to focus intensely on only one primary objective: Improving Student Outcomes.

    Governance teams express this intense focus throuhg a tailored execution of the five aspects of the Texas Framework for School Board Development:

    In addition to driving a focus on improving student outcomes, the LSG philosophy and practice provide a system for managing the vital, though secondary, legal and fiscal responsibilities of the board.

Lone Star Governance Two-Day Workshop

  • At the root of this work is the underlying belief that leadership matters: leader’s choices have the power to be transformative in the lives of our students. Therefore, the workshop is designed as a conversation about governance behaviors that lead to improved student outcomes and draws from research as well as promising practices from participant experience. The two-day workshop provides a supportive space where governing teams learn about and prepare for the intense focus on improving student outcomes a described in the LSG Implementation Integrity Instrument.

    The Lone Star Governance Manual includes five specific tools:

    • Implementation LSG Instrument
    • Board’s Time Use Tracker
    • Board’s Staff Use Tracker
    • Board’s Quarterly Progress Tracker
    • Sample Policies and Documents


  • Two day workshop for Board Members and key administration:  $3000

A Year of LSG Coaching Support

    • Training for administration & board members
    • Technical assistance in writing Student Outcome Goals
    • Goal Progress Measures
    • Review Calendar and Monitoring Reports
    • Attendance and support during school board meetings
    • Unlimited implementation support and technical assistance via email or telephone.


  • $7000


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