R3 Principal Collaborative

  • Join Regional Principals for monthly collaboration and problem solving to enhance campus leadership. Principals will have the opportunity to participate in a monthly book study as well as six professional learning sessions focused on increasing effectiveness of the campus the campus leader.

    • Monthly Newsletter-which includes Academic Updates and Due Dates
    • Monthly Book Study-on line platform with collaborative discussions
      • Leverage Leadership 2.0” by Paul Bambrick-Santoyo-
        Principals will participate in the book study
        through an on line portal and discussion boards. R3
        will provide a copy of the book for each participant.
    • 6 Face-to-face Professional Learning Opportunities and Collaborative PLCs days at Region 3:
      • TEA Updates
      • Collaboration time with Peers
      • Professional Learning with TOT for campus implementation


  • $500


  • R3 Leadership Team

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