5th Grade Science Professional Learning Cohort

  • This Science Professional Learning Cohort for 5th grade Teachers will engage teachers through face-to-face professional development, virtual learning, and onsite coaching. It will provide support for teachers through content activities that will facilitate the development of students becoming problem solvers in the science classroom and beyond.

    • 2 Face-to-Face Professional Learning Opportunities
    • 4 Zoom Meetings - focus on 1 activity per reporting category
    • 4 Campus Instructional Coaching Visits
    • Free Attendance to R3 STAAR Teacher Review PD
    • Unlimited implementation support and technical assistance via email or telephone.


    • Cohort Kick-off face to face Professional development at R3 Matter and Energy
      • Focus Claims, Evidence, Reasoning
    • Interactive Journaling to promote Scientific thinking-Matter and Energy
    • Pre-test


    • Zoom meeting- Interactive Journal Force, Motion, & Energy
    • One station activity to support Force, Motion, & Energy
    • Campus coaching visit- follow up from September professional development


    • Zoom meeting- Interactive Journal Earth & Space
    • One station activity to support Earth & Space


    • Zoom meeting- Interactive Journal Organisms & Environment
    • One station activity to support Organisms & Environment


    • STAAR Review – free attendance to STAAR Science Review


    • Zoom Meeting- STAAR- What do 5th grade Teachers Need to Know?
    • 10% Discount printing of STAAR Science Review materials
    • How to use STAAR Science Review material effectively
    • Campus coaching visit- follow up from January professional development


    • Professional Development face to face- What’s Next? Planning for next year
    • Post- test
    • Program Evaluation


  • $1200 per teacher


  • Laura Deiss
    Laura Deiss
    Elementary Science Specialist
    361-573-0731 Ext.232

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