TxEIS Student Program - web-based access for Teachers, Parents and Students

  • The TxEIS program is a PEIMS compliant program that provides easy access to: attendance, grades, discipline, health data (immunizations and screenings), special programs (includes special education), and test scores.

    Included with this product is txConnect Suite which has both teacher and parent access to grades and attendance. Also, the Scheduling application has built in assistance (MSALGO and Resource Allocator) in creating classes for the following year and students can input their own course requests (MyZone) for the new year.
    Becky Pullin
    TxEIS Student Software Support
    Casey Newman TxEIS Student Software Support cnewman@esc3.net 
    Maggie Strieber    TxEIS Student Software Support    mstrieber@esc3.net 
    Charlyn Sciacca
    TxEIS Student Software Support

    For contracted TxEIS Student Users:
Last Modified on October 19, 2016