Purchasing Cooperative of America

  • For Members (Buyers)

    • Who is eligible to join PCA? Educational institutions; local, state, federal, and other government agencies; non-taxed, and non-profit organizations-hospitals, charity, etc. may enjoy free membership to join and to use PCA contracts.
    • Work directly with PCA Awarded Contractors (Vendors).
    • Are you co-op savvy? PCA is administered by Region 3 Education Service Center; PCA is not a private co-op, a local government co-op, or an association co-op.
    • Where can PCA contracts be used? PCA contracts can be used locally, in Texas, all 50 States and U.S. Territories, and Canada and Mexico

    Purchasing Directors:

    • Increase productivity. PCA supports your purchasing operations.
    • Save time and money. Let PCA procurement and contracting expertise provide the entire solicitation/contracting process to you: development - award – management.
    • Know the contracts. PCA contracts are competitively bid--not negotiated; not a vendor list.

    CFOs/Accounting Managers:

    • When you use PCA, there is no rebate to wait for, calculate, and remit; save $$$ upfront with PCA best prices
    • Pass audit; PCA provides due diligence documentation for each PCA contract you utilize.
    • Reaching your state or local purchasing threshold? PCA is your procurement justification!
    • Get your project started fast: join today and start saving money sooner with PCA contracts.

    For Vendors (Sellers)

    PCA is a premier national cooperative purchasing organization offering your customer a proven process that can eliminate purchasing related stress and provide a more streamlined approach to achieving their project goals.

    • Develop and pursue sales opportunities though this cooperative procurement process whenever possible.
    • Maximize this procurement approach at every turn.
    • Emphasize the VALUE efficacy of the cooperative procurement vetting process.
    • Share the many benefits afforded to current/future customers by utilizing cooperative procurement.

    Key Marketing Strategies:

    • Communicate the PCA opportunity at conferences.
    • Actively engage current PCA Members as a key strategy for business development.
    • Incorporate the PCA opportunity in project development/sales presentations with existing customers.
    • Coordinate with PCA staff on preliminary and active project sales pursuits as appropriate.
    • Introduce and include PCA staff in key customer business discussions during project development and discussions on procurement, on a case by case basis.
    • Incorporate PCA cooperative procurement in press releases of customer success stories, on a case by case basis, as agreed to and coordinated with the customer and PCA.
  • Learn more about PCA:

    Elaine Nichols
    PCA Director 

    Deanna Wigzell
    Regional Purchasing/Risk Manager