Bus Driver Certification

  • As of May 20th here are all the updates:

    • The maximum capacity for the Face to Face classes (Cert & Re-cert) are now 50 till the end of the year.
    • We are allowed to do a 2nd enrollment card, but since I am hosting two 20 hour Certification classes there should no reason for the driver not to attend a class. If the driver has an enrollment card now and cannot attend the class then they should not be driving and they will not be allowed to receive an enrollment card for 5 years. They do however need to enroll in a 20 hour class as soon as possible.
    • All Bus driver cards need to match their CDL cards (First and Last name). For example if your name is William but in our system at Region 3 you put Bill then your cards will not match. Starting today we will have to make sure all cards for Cert and Re-Cert classes match your CDL. If they do not currently match you are fine but the next time you take a class then we will have to change it in our system.
    • Make sure you are running all driving records through DPS and not 3rd party.
    • Once the Disaster for Texas lifts then the EXPIRED cards will only be good for another 60 days after. So please make sure your drivers are getting renewed as soon as possible.
    • There are no exceptions for Buses as in social distancing. We should not have any plexiglass around the driver or a curtains around any seats. Christie has been getting pictures of buses with plexiglass and curtains and they are a safety hazard.
    • There are a few CDL testing sites available. 
    • There is no new update to when the Driver License offices will open.


For information, contact:

  • Amy Tupa
    Amy Tupa
    Bus Driving
    361-573-0731 Ext. 254