• Business continuity is paramount, which means that IT district teams need to have a detailed plan in place to show how they can quickly resume mission‐critical functions. The plan should be documented in written form, specifying procedures that should be followed in the event of a disaster.

    Let Region 3 staff assist you in developing a plan specific to your district by performing a risk analysis assessment.

    Region 3 also offers districts access to a remote data depository. The data depository may include any data the district deems appropriate. This data will not reside at Region 3 and should be regarded as a viable off‐site backup. R3 will provide the initial implementation and training of the client software’s scheduling agent. The data transfers should be monitored and tested by the district. This option provides an excellent opportunity for a district to incorporate as part of their disaster recovery plan.

    Do your district staff make the right decisions when they are faced with security threats? They need to be trained in making smarter security decisions.

    Menu of Services Available:

    • Backup Services
    • Risk Analysis using a Security Plan Template
    • Development of a Disaster Recovery Plan


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