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    TimeClock Plus uses the speed, power, and scalability of Microsoft SQL Server to deliver reports and employee information quickly and with ease. The software enables management to collect and
    report data within seconds, rather than using antiquated polling time clocks or punch devices which can take much longer. TimeClock Plus records employee hours for payroll while providing real time labor reporting functions to over 300 school districts in Texas. The payroll process can be simplified greatly by the creation of a file from TimeClock Plus that can be imported easily into your payroll software.  The software automates the process of doing payroll by creating a bridge between the employee data collected by TimeClock Plus and many of the popular payroll packages available, i.e TxEIS Business Suite.

    TimeClock Plus District License and Maintenance Fee (Per District per year) includes…

    • Setup, configuration and integration package
    • Hosting of software and backups on ESC 3 servers
    • District Employee License (per employee per year) is required
    • Software Support
    • Updates and Upgrades

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