• NET3 is the Region III regional network providing a multi‐service wide area network integrating video and data on H.323 infrastructure.

    The regional network support services have assisted districts in building effective and efficient technology infrastructures to meet the Public Access Initiative (PAI) and the State Long Range Plan for Technology as defined by the Texas Education Agency.

    Ad‐hoc providers such as NASA, Neuhaus and Annenberg have expanded offerings across the region through the ability of the network to receive public IP (Internet Protocol) access. Districts may request special session connectivity based upon available scheduling resources. Emphasis on classroom connections for interactive video conferencing with educationally approved content providers is expanding the learning opportunities across the region.

    The state education network, TETN/Learn, is bridged to NET3 and allows for districts to connect to TEA, other districts across the state and educational resources per the TETN guidelines.
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    Core Services available for member districts are:

    • Regional firewall protection at the NET3 core
    • Exinda bandwidth management and monitoring
    • Upstream connectivity and support management (1200 MB core bandwidth provided by TETN Plus and SuddenLink‐ two ISPs with redundant connections)
    • TETN interconnectivity
    • Satellite programming from NASA, Annenberg and others
    • Technical assistance with connectivity and quality of service from NET3 to the district edge router for districts using NET3 services
    • IP telephony regional

    Districts are responsible for equipment maintenance at district and T1or other connectivity utilized.

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