Crisis Support Team

  • Region 3 ESC provides information, technical assistance, and support to assist districts, campuses,charter schools, and parents regarding district crisis situations.  Crisis Support Team members have been trained in assisting districts in crisis problem-solving, providing and accessing resources and references for use in a crisis, and providing information for staff, parents, and students as appropriate and necessary. 

    The Crisis Support Team will empower district personnel to implement its crisis plan and will assist in locating appropriate crisis counseling personnel.  While it is important for districts to implement their own plans and engage their own staff in providing direct services, under some circumstances, Team members may assist districts on-site in administrative and management tasks such as (1) managing traffic flow in hallways, (2) directing students and staff to counselors in the quiet room(s), and (3) providing technical assistance and information to district staff.

     Districts may access these services in the following manner:

    • The primary contact is the Mental Health Specialist (or LSSP) in the Student Support Component.  If that individual is unavailable, districts may contact any of the Crisis Support team individuals directly.  A current list of Team members is provided below and updated as necessary.
    • When calling, please inform the receptionist that you are calling about a district crisis situation and you will be directed to the primary contact or an available Team member.
    • Districts who contact ESC personnel other than Team members in crisis situations will be directed to the primary contact or an available Team member.

    Resources can be found by accessing the R3 District Crisis Team Supports & Resources Shelf on LiveBinder.

For Information, Contact:

  • Phyllis Hamilton
    Phyllis Hamilton
    LSSP and Mental Health Specialist (primary contact)
    361-573-0731 Ext.236

    Kenda Matson

    Kenda Matson
    Evaluation Specialist
    361-573-0731 Ext.321

    Tonia Rozner
    Tonia Rozner
    Special Education Specialist
    361-573-0731 Ext.269