Response to Intervention - Multi-Tiered System of Support

  • Response to Intervention (RtI) is a campus-wide approach to meet the academic and behavioral needs of all students.  It is a problem-solving approach to determine and apply the most effective instructional practices for each student.  

    The RtI process utilizes:

    • Rigorous, high-quality instruction for all students using a research-based curriculum.
    • A tiered system of support, providing appropriate levels of academic and/or behavioral intervention based on a student’s needs.
    • Utilization of a variety of data to guide educational decisions.
    • Frequent monitoring of student progress and adaptation of instruction and intervention to meet student needs in a timely manner.

    Region 3 Education Service Center provides assistance to school districts and campuses through a variety of RtI services.  These include professional development, on-site training, technical assistance and contracted services. Please see below for specific service information and resources.

Response To Intervention Resources

  • The Commissioner's Lists of Reading Instruments

    2014-2018 Commissioner’s List of Reading Instruments (K, 1, 2 & 7)

    2017-2021 Commissioner’s List of Assessment Instruments 

    Pre-Kindergarten & Kindergarten

    Links to Texas Screening Instruments

    ESTAR/MSTAR Links and Resources (2-8)

    Texas Early Mathematics Inventories (TEMI) (K-2)

    TPRI Early Reading Assessment (K-3)

    El Inventario de Lectura en Español de Tejas Tejas Lee (K-1 Spanish Language)

    Texas Middle School Fluency Assessment (6-8)

    Intervention Resources Building Capacity Response to Intervention

    • Effective Instruction for Middle School Students with Reading Difficulties: The Reading Teacher’s Sourcebook
    • Effective Upper-Elementary Interventions: Vocabulary and Comprehension
    • Effective Upper-Elementary Interventions: Word Recognition and Fluency

    Intervention Central

    • Academic Interventions
    • Behavior Interventions
    • Evidence Based Intervention Network

    Reading Interventions

    • Math Interventions
    • Behavior Interventions

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