• Data Management for Assessment and Curriculum (DMAC)

    DMAC provides accessible, secure, supported, and reliable solutions for teachers and administrators.  Web-based tools and services available through DMAC include:

    State Assessment - disaggregate STAAR, TAKS, and TELPAS student data and create district, campus, teacher, and individual student reports

    TAG - online TEKS-based item bank test generator - create customized local assessments

    TEKScore - print answer documents on plain paper or precoded OMR forms to create reports from local assessments

    FormWorks – generate custom online forms (e.g., discipline forms, surveys, RtI forms, etc.) using State and/or local data

    RtI – documentation of tiered intervention plans, including Progress Monitoring

    PDAS (including T-TESS & T-PESS) – self reports, mobile device walkthroughs, easy-to-use

    SSI - generate concise historical and current student data for individual files

    PGP Intervention (Middle School/Junior High Plans) - mass assign features to groups of students, utilizing current state data and local benchmarks

    PGP (High School) - choose graduation plans (including endorsements), customize courses, monitor needed credits; meets HB 5 requirements

    SIP – create and monitor Campus & District Improvement Plans

    TPRI/ TejasLEE - maintain TPRI/Tejas LEE student records, generate reports for students, parents, campuses, and districts

    CIA Alignment – easily build, maintain, update, and print curriculum maps (complete with historical performance/mastery on student expectations)

    Class Notes - online access provided to students and parents to view classroom plans developed by your local classroom teachers

    Student Portfolio - access student data/plans in one online location - information travels with the student

    DMAC Solutions

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