• September Monthly Reminders

    Accountability and Assessment

    • Attend TAIS training and prepare IR intervention submission preparation, if applicable
    • Districts report state assessment results to local Board of Trustees by September 28th

    Administration and Leadership

    • Publish name, address, phone number of Title IX Coordinator and complaint procedures
    • Post public information (TASB-GBA)
    • Review 504 procedures
    • Identify date for renewal of teacher contracts
    • Review and set credit by examination dates
    • Prepare Board training calendar
    • Recommend technology and instructional materials allotment (TIMA) committee (TASB-EFFA (Legal))
    • Update Ask TED

    Federal and State Programs

    • ESSA Consolidated Application, if submitting for districts without 12-month grant funded employees
    • *Review/implement district/campus improvement plans in accordance with district planning process (TEC§11.251)
    • Prepare PNP Affirmations and Equitable Services worksheets for districts with participating private
    • 2018-2019 Substitute System of Federal Time-and-Effort Reporting (optional system) LEA Management Certification due early or mid- September (to be effective for entire school year) (Not Applicable to Charters)


    • Prepare for annual financial audit September 1st FY
    • Distribute tax statements
    • Calculate State Aid using end-of-first-six-weeks student data
    • Review student attendance figures as compared to prior year and budget projections
    • Investment policies annual review
    • Review pledged securities
    • Register for Investment Office training (TEC§45.209)
    • Post metered amounts of electricity, water and gas consumption for which the district is required to pay and aggregate amounts of those services. (Government Code §2265.001 (b), House Bill 3693, 80th Legislature, Regular Session)

    School Board

    • Board candidate workshop
    • Train election judge(s) and clerks(s) for November election (TEC32.113)
    • Prepare report Trustee training hours prior to November elections with postings as required (TEC§11.159) – October Board meeting
    • *Adopt district/campus improvement plan
    • *Approve Independent Audit Report
    • *Review Board Training Calendar, including SB1566 requirement
    • *Approve waivers as needed

    Special Education

    • 2018-2019 Nonpublic Day School and Residential Funding TEASE application opens August or September
    • 2018-2019 Non-Ed Funds (Optional funds): Applications due to ESC-3 September 30th
    • 2017-2018 Non-Ed Funds (Optional funds): Final Expenditure Reimbursement Request due to ESC-3 via iTCCS September 28th
    • Monitor special education expenditures from the general fund to ensure on track for MOE (Maintenance of Effort) compliance

    Texas Student Data System/PEIMS

    • Extended year (17-18) PEIMS resubmission due to ESC-3 on September 13th
    • Summer (17-18) PEIMS data available to customers on September 13th
    • Extended year (17-18) PEIMS resubmission due to TEA on September 20th
    • PEIMS (18-19) Close of school start window on September 28th

    *Requires Board action/approval