• August Monthly Reminders

    Accountability and Assessment

    • 2019 Accountability & PBMAS data posted in TEASE
    • Accountability data posted publicly on TEA website (2019 Accountability & Distinctions)
    • Post current accountability ratings, TAPR Report and School Report Card on district website by 10th day of the school year (TEC§39.362)
    • Schools post accountability on their website by the 10th day of instruction (TEC§39.362)
    • Public Education Grant list for 2020-2021 posted (TEC§29.201–29.205)
    • Districts report state assessment results to local Board of Trustees by September 28th

    Administration and Leadership

    • Review inclement weather procedures with administrative team
    • Hold district/campus SBDM Committee elections (TEC§11.251(b))
    • Distribute/publish Notification of Parents’ Rights (TEC§26.0)
    • Distribute copies of TEC§37 and local discipline policies to professional staff before the start of school (TEC§37.018)
    • Review/amend Student Code of Conduct and post on website (optional for Charter schools)
    • Establish at least one Parent-Teacher Organization at each school (TEC§26.001(e))
    • Review sexual harassment procedures with staff and students
    • Evaluate district’s decision-making and planning policies every two years (TEC§11.252(4)(d))
    • Annual UIL Mandatory training for Academic/Athletic Staff (CCR D10)
    • Required Anti-bullying Training (TASB - FFH; FFI LEGAL & LOCAL) (TEC§ 37.0832 (d))
    • UIL Safety (SB 82) & Concussion Training (HB 2038)
    • Update Ask TED

    Federal and State Programs

    • Federal programs compliance report due for previous year
    • Review/implement district/campus improvement plans in accordance with district planning process (TEC§11.251)


    • Prepare final budget amendments for prior year for September 1st FY
    • Approve Annual Financial Audit for July 1st FY
    • Post on website adopted a tax rate that will raise more taxes for maintenance and operations than last year’s tax rate if applicable
    • Post on website summary of the proposed budget if it maintains a website; summary must be concurrently posted with notice of budget
    • Prominently post on the district’s website for three years an external link to the budget adopted by the Board of Trustees
    • Publish Notice of Public Meeting to discuss budget and proposed tax rate (Publish at least 10 days before meeting) for September 1st FY
    • Post 72-hour notice of meeting to discuss budget and proposed tax rate
    • Hold meeting to adopt budget and proposed tax rate on or before August 31st for September 1st FY
    • Publish statement of revenues, expenditures, and changes in fund balance for July 1st FY
    • Submit 2019 TEA tax information survey
    • Post metered amounts of electricity, water and gas consumption for which the district is required to pay and aggregate amounts of those services. (Government Code, §2265.001(b), House Bill 3693, 80th Legislature, Regular Session)

    School Board

    • Hold budget workshops for September 1st FY
    • Hold public hearing/Adopt budget for September 1st FY
    • Approve health insurance rates (as appropriate)
    • Plan annual teambuilding session
    • Order of Trustee election & post notice for November election
    • MOU with juvenile board for districts in counties over 125,000 by September 1st(TEC§37.010(a))
    • Adopt Student Code of Conduct
    • Adopt district/campus improvement plan
    • Approve waivers as needed
    • Schedule Board candidate workshop

    Special Education

    • 2019-2020 Special Education Consolidated Grant Application due late August or early September
    • State Performance Plan (SPP) Submission Window closes early August (SPP 7, 11, 12, 13, 14)
    • 2019-2020 Nonpublic Day School and Residential Funding TEASE application opens August or September
    • 2019-2020 Non-Ed Funds (Optional funds): Send email to ESC-3 of estimate amount of request for funds August 31st
    • Monitor special education expenditures from the general fund to ensure on track for MOE (Maintenance of Effort) compliance


    • Publish Annual Public Notification of Nondiscrimination in Career Technology Education Programs
    • Establish/approve Local School Health Advisory Council (TEC§28.004)

    Texas Student Data System/PEIMS

    • Extended Year (18-19) PEIMS Submission due to ESC-3 on August 22nd
      (Bilingual/ESL Summer School, Dual Credit Summer School, OFSDP Credit Recovery Summer School)
    • Extended Year (18-19) PEIMS Submission due to TEA on August 29th