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TEKS Resource System

The TEKS Resource System provides districts with a K-12 solution for implementing the state academic standards. This Texas-based system delivers curriculum and assessment components that are customizable and help district staff vertically and horizontally align curriculum, resources, and assessments in order to improve student performance.

Description of Services:

During the first year, districts pay an initial, one-time technology set-up fee and district and campus license fees, as well as campus subscription fees, plus fees based on enrollment. During the second year and beyond, districts only pay reduced campus fees and fees based on enrollment. Services include 24/7 online access to vertical alignment documents, scope and sequence documents, unit organizers, lesson planning tools, an assessment tool, onsite training, and technical support, and on­demand support in the system. Costs include four days of training/professional development provided by R3 staff to first-year districts and two days of training/professional development provided for districts during the second year and beyond.

TEKS Resource System Supplemental Support: 

TEKS Resource System Implementation Guide - This is a tool designed to support district and campus leaders in their efforts to provide a guaranteed and viable curriculum for their students. Teachers are especially excited about the pacing guides.

Pre-K Outcomes Framework - This online platform is designed to support early childhood educators in their efforts to provide high-quality instruction and learning for their young students. The framework includes a sequence and scope of content based on the Texas Prekindergarten Guidelines. Utilizing the Texas Prekindergarten Guidelines as a foundation, this framework is aligned with the Kindergarten Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). It provides early childhood educators with content and sequencing clarification and unpacks the Prekindergarten End-of-Year Outcomes (Call for more information)

Custom Professional Development and support offered year-round (Call for more information)

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