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Unique Treatment Environments


Calming Cove

Calming CoveImmerse you and your child in a multi-sensory calming environment of gentle lights, water and soothing sounds.  This room is specially designed for children who need a relaxing space to help with self regulation and modulation, as well as stimulate interactions and engagement.  Further, it will encourage communication, cause and effect skills and overall development to help your child meet their developmental milestones.   

Equipment utilized in this room includes: 2 interactive lighted bubble tube platforms with mirrors, a variety of large soft pillows, an unique pillow with fiber optic string lights, LED color wheel projector, light table with manipulatives, suspended mirror ball, tactile wall panels, adaptive switch toys and calming music.

Rain or Shine Room

Rain or Shine RoomImagine a room where children can play as if they are outside at a park come “Rain or Shine!”  This climate controlled area that has grass turf floors and cloud filled lights, gives families the ability to experience the outdoors without the worries of their child overheating or falling on a rough terrain.  The Rain or Shine room can be utilized by all direct services to improve milestones such as gross motor, fine motor, language, cognition and beyond.

The activities available in this room are endless but some equipment available includes:  a full size swing set with disc swing and baby swing, toddler playhouse with a slide, toy cars to ride in, sand and water tables, playground balls, river balance beam, child size picnic table, lawn mower, and bubbles. 

Motor Gym

Motor gymThe ECI motor gym is equipped with therapy equipment to facilitate strength, coordination, motor skills, and sensory processing skills for all age groups. Children can enhance their gross motor and sensory processing by climbing the platform ladder to go down the slide, jumping into the crash (foam) pit, balancing on rocker boards and balls, as well as tumbling on the cushioned mats that cover the floor. The gym also includes an area for stationary play at the table where children can work on fine motor and visual motor skills such as coloring, puzzles, shape sorters etc. This unique area promotes functional play while teaching parents how to challenge their children to improve strength, coordination and self-regulation.